Healing or Hype?


So just as I was claiming my identity as a person with MCS an email popped into my inbox.  It was from a friend who had discovered neural retraining to treat MCS.  Several years ago I had tried a set of affirmations which I received from a process called Holographic Repatterning.  I read through them many times a day for a month and saw some improvement.  However, it just didn’t seem like enough and it was not very sustainable to constantly read them although I eventually memorized them.  The repatterning practitioner turned out to be rather aggressive and abusive telling me that I was afraid of chemicals for no reason and that I basically needed to change my mind.  I was also going to an acupuncturist at the time and he said that I couldn’t just stop reacting.  His opinion seemed much more sane than the other more aggressive one.

So here I am this many years later considering the neural retraining.  I have been watching videos for both the DNR method of Annie Hopper and the Amygdala retraining by Ashok Gupta.  I have also read a very good article and review of the methods by Cynthia Perkins, M. Ed.  She really explains the causes of MCS according to the limbic model.  I have always thought that the model put forth by Iris Bell was the model that made the most sense to me.  Practitioners have always stressed the immune system and I have always held firm that the immune system is not the problem.  The problem is in the brain.  We are not talking about psychology here.  The limbic model basically talks about brain malfunction as a result of an initial insult of chemical exposure.

The Gupta explanation makes a lot of sense to me.  I have linked their names above to their respective websites.  I will keep you posted on which method I choose.  In the future this blog may well turn into a log about the next step in my healing journey.


One thought on “Healing or Hype?

  1. I know that it’s been like 6 months since this post, but my wife told me about an email you sent her and I’m so glad to hear that you’re finding some success / relief through the Gupta program!!! MCS can be so debilitating and so difficult for others to understand… Thus, to be able to deal better with it / treat it / eliminate it is such a great thing! I’m very happy for you that you are seeing positive results.


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