I’m still here


I am still here.  This is not a simple statement.  I will celebrate two years in October of working the Gupta Program.  Sometimes I start to notice smells and I get discouraged thinking that I have not made much progress.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  I was reading a success story which Ashok circulated the other day.  I was reminded of all the things I did for almost twenty years to accommodate my MCS.  I have to remind myself how far I have come.  Smells are really just irritations.  I still do the seven step process and the irritation disappears.

Two years ago I was actually considering lining my living space with foil.  I was spending most of my time in my car.  I was using public facilities according to the safety of their bathrooms.

I went shopping today.  I walked into a department store right through the perfume section.  I thought about the perfume, but I knew that it would not hurt me.  Yes, it was strong, I still don’t care for perfume.  But the big difference is that I knew that it would not hurt me.  The amygdala cycle did not kick into high gear and start running like a hamster wheel.

Yes, I am oh so grateful.


Being Tired


Being tired is the place where I believe that MCS and Chronic Fatigue recovery intersect.  Ashok Gupta talks about the Amygdala Retraining Programme as being one which deals with getting rid of negative thoughts.  I have discovered that negative thoughts really do impact our energy levels.

Just recently I was becoming very tired in the late afternoons.  My diet had not changed and I was sleeping very well at night.  I couldn’t quite figure it out and grew concerned.  Then I started paying more attention to my thought process.  I realized that I was not being very diligent with identifying negative thoughts.  It was a time with some added stress as well and the negative thoughts were just piling up as the day went along.  I started back with my commitment to the program, with more regular meditation, and just more closely monitoring my thoughts.  Now I am not having those slumps anymore.  I had Chronic Fatigue several years ago and I know what that level of fatigue feels like.  That level of fatigue is more than a slump.

Here I am again


So I chose the Amygdala Retraining Program by Ashok Gupta.  I started the program on October 15, 2014.  I am 100% better most days.  There is some maintenance to be done.  It appears that this blog is turning into one that will describe my healing process the best I can.  Before I start out I want to be sure to state that this is just my experience.  There are still thousands who suffer from MCS.  I do want to remember them.  I do not want to be ignorant of the fact that not all people may be able to heal.  Healing is always up to the individual and we are all different.  I really mean that.

So, in the next few posts, I will attempt to explain my process.  I will not talk specifics about the Gupta Program, but more about the effects it has had on me and the causes of my own particular brand of MCS as I have experienced it.

Stay tuned.