Are we ever really safe?


I think the answer is yes, at least I hope so.  I found out that our front desk attendant was spraying OFF.  I think she was using it like a room spray.  It was all over the room.  I informed her that that was not a good idea.  I went down again this evening and the fragrance from it was very strong.  Unfortunately she had just sprayed it and I am trying not to have a reaction.  When you have had success in recovery from having had 20 years of MCS, you really don’t want to be covered in bug spray.

I think my amygdala is trying to go into overdrive.  I have done the short version of the retraining several times.  I am feeling better, not really symptomatic, maybe just exhausted from the emotion of it.

I don’t often blog in real time, but tonight I feel it is important.  Yes, I think we can be safe, but there will always be surprises.

Happy recovery!