So far so good


I passed the two year mark in October of starting the Gupta Progamme.  It has been quite a journey.  I am not one hundred percent and I don’t know if I will every consider myself to have reached that milestone.  It is interesting that as humans we have trouble going for the “thriving” part of life.  We too often settle for just getting by or for getting well enough.  And perhaps, that is just okay at times.  It all depends on the sum total of our life experiences I suppose.  If we have been through a lot of challenges then good enough is a very fine destination indeed.  It really is all relative, isn’t it?

I pretty much go where I want when I want without much attention to exposures.  There was one episode during the holidays at our local hardware store.  The store has been sold this year and they have made some changes.  The gift section is pretty much full of scented candles, air fresheners, and lotions, etc.  The air fresheners are those type with the sticks coming out of a bottle.  They had every variety open on display with the sticks in the bottles of liquid air freshener.  I was truly shocked. It was one of those instances where, even though I am better, I can still hold the belief that this is a very dangerous thing to do in the long run.  There is always balance to be had, but this was way over the top.

I firmly believe that as a recovering survivor of MCS, I still can hold certain beliefs about the health of our indoor, in particular, environments.  I very seldom have the capacity to change anything other than my own home environement (and sometimes not even that) but I can have opinions.  Now the trick is to not let those opinions slide over into fear of a particular environment.  I have to say that I was quite proud of myself at the hardware store.  Even with all of that fragrance, I knew that I would not have a reaction because of my work with the Gupta Programme.

So I continue in deep gratitude to Ashok and the Programme.  What a way to start a new year!

Happy New Year!