The Individual


I have been thinking about the woman who seems so intent on debunking all of Ashok’s theories.  I feel sad for her.  She states defiantly that MCS has nothing to do with anxiety, but her own anxiety is so apparent.  On the other hand, the program may not work for her.  I have no way of knowing which people would benefit from the program and which would not.

Let’s take this idea out into the world in general.  Do we ever really know what is best for another person?  Could it be that it is always better just to listen and support people on their own personal, individual journeys?

Granted, there are times when we need to try and guide people to better choices, but ultimately the decision always belongs to the other person and not to me.

So I can feel sad.  I can want recovery for everyone.  I am not the one who decides.


brass cleaning, again


We have had an apartment in a high rise for 17 years.  For all of those 17 years we have fought the night time cleaning of the brass in the elevators.  They use things like lacquer thinners that create very toxic fumes.  We were finally successful in getting the management to use a non toxic cleaning company.  We got notice the other day that the old company was coming back for the cleaning.  They do this at night in a residential building while people are asleep.  It is an older building so the fresh air comes into the apartments from the hallways.  The fumes from the cleaning products come up the elevator shafts and fill the hallways and thus come into the apartments while people are sleeping.  I suppose that we can be grateful for small victories.  This time they are, at least, doing the cleaning during the daytime.

I have to be out of my home most of the day for a week.  I work from home as do many others in the building.  I used to have to stay out overnight and with chemical sensitivity that would usually mean sleeping in my car or driving around town.

What does this have to do with mysticism?  My contemplative nature allows my mind to explode and all normal reality is shattered.  The idea of this cleaning is so far out of my reality that I can only be silent and still and let the absurdity pour over and through me.  It really is about alternative reality.  After many years of meditation and stillness and quiet, the mystical template is the only thing that begins to make sense for me.

I have tried to educate and people cannot hear.  I am currently rereading The Hope, by Andrew Harvey.  I suppose that finding my voice is part of what he is calling Sacred Activism.  It seems to be the case.

Why this blog?


This is a blog about chemical injury.  I write it mostly to bring attention to the thousands of invisible people who have been injured by the modern ways of our society.  It is not an environmental blog.  You will not read about big chem or the evils of government.  This is one person’s mystical journey through the literal fog of chemical injury.  I hope that you as the reader will respect the journey of another and perhaps relate or become more informed.

Thank you for visiting.  Again, I want to emphasize that this is an experiential journey, so please be kind.